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Maintaining Forward Momentum And Customer Growth In Turbulent Times

John McCool, executive director of business development at KMC Systems Inc highlights the challenges facing medtech and what must be done to keep companies moving forward.

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BNH Names 2022 Best Companies to Work For

For 25 years, Business NH Magazine has recognized businesses that go out of their way to create engaging workplaces and understand that fulfilled employees are more productive.

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How to develop and motivate employees towards Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing, when done right, can improve productivity and reduce waste on the plant floor. Successful implementation requires buy-in from workers. See three ways to change workers’ perception of Lean and build trust.

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The Competition for Top Biotech Talent

Medtech and Biotech companies that prioritize professional development and career growth can reduce turnover and attract new talent. Here is how one company is standing out in a highly competitive employment market.

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Using Predictive Maintenance For Competitive Advantage

Downtime, in the electronics industry, can cost corporations millions of dollars. In the past two years, deferred maintenance on equipment and facilities, fueled by Covid-19 and a global labor shortage, has led to an unprecedented number of disruptions.

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Predictive Maintenance for Laboratory Equipment

The need to ensure the availability of diagnostic technology in terms of keeping it functioning properly has never seemed more important than in recent years.

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KMC Systems To Produce Rapid Blood Ammonia Testing Instrument

Elbit Systems of America (“Elbit Systems of America”) and its medical instruments division KMC Systems (“KMC”) today announced a new partnership with start-up company Aza Technology Inc. to provide a rapid blood ammonia detector. 

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Elbit Systems of America, KMC Systems Open Cambridge Innovation Center

Elbit Systems of America (“Elbit America”) celebrates the grand opening of its new Cambridge Innovation Center

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Miguel Diaz-Acosta Shines on KMC's Inspection Floor

Miguel Diaz-Acosta is listening for the beep. The 58-year-old quality control inspector is ensconced in one of KMC Systems’ inspection floors. His sky-blue anti-static jacket reflects the bright white lights flooding down from the ceiling above. He sports a jet-black face mask, rectangular metal glasses and a short crop of curly black hair.

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KMC Systems Participates in Tech Boot Camp at Nashua Community College

KMC Systems continued its partnership last year with Nashua Community College’s Microelectronics Boot Camp, visiting the class in December to discuss the company’s life-saving work and opportunities for NCC students to get involved.

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KMC Systems Made 2020 About the Patients

KMC Systems, a medical diagnostics manufacturer that supplies instruments to many of the largest in vitro diagnostics companies in the world, spent 2020 building solutions and creating results for patients.

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Work on COVID Testing Equipment Continues as KMC Implements Strict Safety Protocols

KMC Systems and its corporate parent, Elbit America, have responded to the demands of the global pandemic with a host of new safety protocols that have protected workers for months as cases continue to spike across the country.

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KMC’s Rachel Plourde Pioneers New Graduate Rotation Program

This year, KMC Systems debuted its new year-long Graduate Rotation Associate Program, giving recent college graduates the chance to work on a variety of teams across the company learning about the day-to-day operations of a medical diagnostics manufacturer.

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Veteran KMC Assembler Anchors a Production Floor in Overdrive

As KMC Systems continues to surge hiring of manufacturing workers to make COVID-19 testing instruments, long-time electromechanical assembler Bobby Slosek remains a steady presence on the production floor, a skilled trainer of new employees and a trusted pinch hitter for managers under the strain of ever-increasing demand.

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Connie Henderson Brings Decades of Experience to KMC Production Floor

Connie Henderson has spent decades at KMC building a reputation as a sherpa of manufacturing to her adoring colleagues. Over the course of a nearly 40-year career with Elbit Systems of America, KMC’s parent company, Henderson has solidified herself as the go-to helping hand for KMC employees old and new.

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KMC Systems Offering Jobs and Solutions During COVID-19 Crisis

KMC Systems is in the midst of a months-long hiring push for its medical diagnostics team as it continues to meet an ever-increasing demand for instruments to test for coronavirus.

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Becoming a New Hire During the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Something I can really get behind!” Francesca Lynch, new hire and Account Manager at KMC Systems, recalls what it’s like to join a company during the pandemic that designs, develops and manufactures diagnostic test equipment that has a direct impact on the fight against Covid-19.

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A Journey Through the Workforce; Amit and Bryan

Coming from Pune city, India, Amit Damle's journey to the USA started in fall 2017. Studying at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Amit received his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

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