Animal Sciences

Recognizing the importance of automated lab solutions in both the healthcare and animal science space

Innovation is the application of existing technologies in new and exciting ways. KMC is applying our innovation expertise and adding value to the fields of healthcare, agriculture, animal science, and more. See how KMC can partner with you.

KMC has over 40 years of history in the development of complex medical instrumentation including immunoassay devices. As KMC looks to the future, it recognizes the importance of automated lab solutions in both the human healthcare space as well as the Animal Science industry.

For example, instrumentation designed for large scale applications such as providing vaccines amongst livestock groups or for point-of care testing and evaluation, could help provide and determine therapeutic choices for veterinarians. It might also be used to detect contaminants in the field. Contact KMC to learn how our team of experts can partner with you.  

Animal Sciences Case Study

Bench-Top Immunoassay Analyzer


A diagnostic company wanted to develop an automated random access immunoassay analyzer for its magnetic particle, chemiluminescence chemistry and protocols. The company was seeking a clean-sheet, cost effective concept to address mid-volume clinical laboratories and a partner to carry the program from design through production.


KMC's team worked with the company on voice-of-the-customer requirements and created several concepts to meet the requirements. Detailed timing and trade-off analysis was conducted on the various instrument concepts.  KMC implemented the design of the selected concept creating a compact instrument, including the reaction cuvette and reagent packaging. After completing system verification the instrument was smoothly transitioned to our manufacturing center for production.

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