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Innovation is the application of existing technologies in new and exciting ways. KMC is applying our innovation expertise and adding value to the fields of healthcare, agriculture, animal science, and more. See how KMC can partner with you.

With continuous and miraculous results, personalized medicine and immunotherapy treatments are changing the course of global healthcare.

Traditionally, the trusted approaches to cancer treatment, for instance, have been surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. But with cell therapy it’s amazing to think a patients’ own properly isolated cells can be used to recognize and attack their tumors. Advances like this are only possible with groundbreaking instruments. And with KMC on your side, developing the automated, multi-module system you’ve drawn up can be a reality sooner than you might think.

Our accomplishments in the design and manufacturing of Cell Therapy Instruments include:

  • Integration of hardware and single-use disposables
  • High end motors and pumping solutions
  • Compact design for excellent usability

Bio-Processing Case Study

Automated Bioprocessing


To automate a manual process, initially conceptualized by a team of researchers, for use in a cell therapy application. The proposed instrument needed to aseptically transfer the contents of a bioreactor (cells suspended in a growth medium) and concentrate the cells for further downstream processing. This process required a highly complex interface of mechanical, electrical and fluidic modules. KMC was selected to develop the instrument as quickly and reliably as possible, to meet a set of specific end-user requirements and the customer’s aggressive launch window.


Well-defined requirements and collaborative program management experience allowed for a detailed risk analysis and mutually agreed upon program plan. KMC then applied rapid prototyping expertise (utilizing in-house 3D printing) to mitigate development constraints and designed an approved concept. Utilization of in-house advanced design and analysis tools further reduced schedule risks resulting in a working prototype.  The prototypes were invaluable to the customer for use as test platforms to further refine the design, which enabled a smooth transition to the pilot phase and ultimately accelerated the final product development activities for a timely commercial launch.

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