Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Automating and integrating complex processes to advance life sciences

Innovation is the application of existing technologies in new and exciting ways. KMC is applying our innovation expertise and adding value to the fields of healthcare, agriculture, animal science, and more. See how KMC can partner with you.

Before technology makes its way to the clinic, biochemistry and engineering come together to form Life Science instruments. New lifesaving and healthcare delivery ideas are perfected and tested in the demanding laboratories of leading research institutions around the world. Even though it’s not a clinical environment, the rigor for excellent design, robust software and reliable hardware are absolutely critical for medical breakthroughs.

KMC has had a long standing relationship with the Life Science industry and it continues today. Whether working on a new concept or perfecting an established product, we apply the same level of excellence to your Life Science tools as we do to our Clinical Instruments.

If you’re trying to market a bench top instrument for rapid PCR, improve optical properties within your existing product, or are looking for a quality instrument manufacturer that you can depend on year over year, partner with KMC.

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