Envisioning a way to move NGS from the research lab bench to a medical facility, providing critical information faster

Innovation is the application of existing technologies in new and exciting ways. KMC is applying our innovation expertise and adding value to the fields of healthcare, agriculture, animal science, and more. See how KMC can partner with you.

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized genomic research. Using the NGS platforms of today, we can now sequence an entire human genome in a single day through the testing of millions of fragments of DNA all happening in parallel. The data from these platforms is then mapped to existing human references to provide accurate data and insight into DNA variations and mutations.

KMC Systems sees a way to move NGS from the research lab bench to a hospital, emergency room, or patient-setting, providing critical information to providers and patients faster, with more information at hand to determine the best course of treatment.

With over 40 years of experience in sample preparation automation, fluidics, and complex assay design, KMC is at the forefront of NGS innovation and ready to partner with you to meet your market need.

Industry Use Case: Agriculture

Aside from its human healthcare use, NGS can also be leveraged across industries, including the agricultural field. Agriculture and crop science are under growing pressure as feeding the global population, ensuring food security in an ever-changing climate, and working to reduce our environmental footprint become larger challenges. Development of a high-throughput testing and analytics NGS-type device may help transform the industry.

NGS Case Study

Bench-Top Immunoassay Analyzer


A diagnostic company wanted to develop an automated random access immunoassay analyzer for its magnetic particle, chemiluminescence chemistry and protocols. The company was seeking a clean-sheet, cost effective concept to address mid-volume clinical laboratories and a partner to carry the program from design through production.


KMC's team worked with the company on voice-of-the-customer requirements and created several concepts to meet the requirements. Detailed timing and trade-off analysis was conducted on the various instrument concepts.  KMC implemented the design of the selected concept creating a compact instrument, including the reaction cuvette and reagent packaging. After completing system verification the instrument was smoothly transitioned to our manufacturing center for production.

Case Study #2

Sample Preparation System


A major diagnostics company sought to automate a labor intensive protocol for creating a uniform suspension of bacteria at a defined concentration for dosing a reagent cartridge for rapid and precise bacterial identification and anti-microbial susceptibility testing. They had developed a manual process with a commercially available reader and needed help developing a fully automated instrument platform. The instrument had to provide minimal hands-on time, high precision and high throughput to meet the clinical microbiology laboratory needs.


KMC Systems engineered a walkaway instrument to create the appropriate dilution of a bacterial suspension by designing precision robotics, fluidics and optical detection along with the mathematical algorithms for determining the McFarland concentration of the bacterial suspension. KMC created the system concept and carried it all the way through system verification. Having completed the needed engineering and design to advance this project, KMC successfully transitioned the instrument to production in our manufacturing center.

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