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Becoming a New Hire During the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Something I can really get behind!” Francesca Lynch, new hire and Account Manager at KMC Systems, recalls what it’s like to join a company during the pandemic that designs, develops and manufactures diagnostic test equipment that has a direct impact on the fight against Covid-19.

Reflecting on her experience at KMC:

Since joining the company, Francesca’s experience so far, has been fulfilling to say the least. During her interview, Francesca recalls how excited she would be to work for a manufacturer building products that are beneficial in improving the quality of life in patient care.

During her time at KMC, Francesca has witnessed firsthand, the collective dedication of employees to get the job done, to get these finished medical instrumentation out to our customers as quick as possible to aide in life-saving missions. Due to the pandemic, our customers’ demand has increased by 50% for the balance of this year and will more than double next year. What does it take to make this happen? A detailed plan, dedicated people, positive attitudes and long days, knowing you are ultimately making a difference in life-saving work. Resources are pulled in from other areas, trained and deployed for jobs that aren’t necessarily within their job description – everyone is doing whatever it takes. It really comes down to an organization having a clear vision, and employees that feel a collective connectedness to what they are doing. One thing is clear, everyone cares and it shows.

Just like the majority of people around the world, Covid-19 has affected Francesca personally. At a moment’s notice, she had to quickly figure out how to juggle full-time remote work while becoming an overnight 2nd grade teacher, all while having travel plans cancelled and loosing loved ones.

Looking back, Francesca is honored to be part of a team that builds diagnostic equipment directly involved in the fight against Covid-19. She admits, she is proud to be surrounded by people who are prioritizing this work, which more than ever has a direct impact on the quality of patients’ lives.

Francesca, along with KMC Systems, notices and realizes employees’ depth of dedication to this life saving mission. Our employees are certainly an integral part in today’s global fight against the corona pandemic.

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