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A Journey Through the Workforce; Amit and Bryan

Coming from Pune city, India, Amit Damle's journey to the USA started in fall 2017. Studying at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Amit received his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

While searching for his next step in his career path, Amit joined KMC Systems in July 2018 as an Industrial Engineering Co-op Intern. Since being hired on and joining KMC, Amit has found his niche in industrial engineering and KMC has been a great fit. As Amit has expressed, "everybody here is really friendly and never hesitates to provide help whenever needed." Among many benefits, KMC Systems offers a flexible 9/80 schedule with every other Friday off, along with recreational sporting activities to partake in. Amit participates in soccer on Wednesdays, which he states, makes the week fly by.

As a Co-op, what he found absolutely remarkable was the way engineers from different fields worked together to develop state of the art medical devices.  As an industrial engineer, efficiently manufacturing these highly complicated machines in large volumes poses a big and exciting challenge.

As Amit explains, being an industrial engineer and working closely with the manufacturing team was a new experience and he faced a learning curve . The unique and admirable ability of manufacturing Engineers at KMC Systems to successfully tackle complex engineering challenges on the production floor outside their usual areas of expertise is what excited Amit to join their team.

"Even though I was an intern, nobody ever let me realize that. The responsibilities that my manager trusted me with were no lesser than any other engineer on my team.  After graduating from University at Buffalo, I accepted a full time position at KMC Systems as a manufacturing engineer. My manager continues to push me to extend my limits."

"I have gained a deeper insight into assisting the medical industry developing our lean and process improvement goals. I am grateful to KMC Systems and my team for helping me to continue to develop as an engineer. The idea that everything you do directly impacts thousands of lives by diagnosing life threatening diseases at an early stage really makes me proud of where I work and motivates me to excel at my job."

Amit has been on a great journey here at KMC Systems and is excited to see what lies ahead!

And now, taking a look at a tenured employee, Bryan Bates:

Since the company's start in 1980, Bryan has been with KMC and has had a vast career within various departments of the organization. Over the 40 years, Bryan acknowledges that one of the things that has kept him here for so long is the community at KMC.  Working with a great group of people who love what they do and take pride in their work, is really something to get behind.


Starting his career in the logistics department, to currently working as supply chain buyer/sourcing specialist Bryan has seen the gamut. Through his years, the one constant aspect that all groups take pride in is the work and the customer focus of all phases of the manufacturing and engineering lifecycle.  From step one, receiving and inspecting the material, from engineering and designing, to manufacturing and to final shipment of the product, Bryan has seen it all. As Bryan realized early on, "this is where I learned from the beginning that customer focus is key in all phase of manufacturing."

One moment that Bryan eagerly recalls is being on the product support team for a large diagnostic platform. Having won an award from the National Medal of Technology for screening of HIV-1 and other viruses, it was a very exciting time here at KMC! Once again it was about customer focus and ultimately keeping the product line up and running in the field, all over the world.  Bryan states "the fact that we were helping save lives by getting faster results, so more patients could get the help they needed, was very rewarding."

Bryan's most satisfying role to date, is working on engineering development projects as a supply chain buyer/sourcing specialist. Being part of that team, early in the process, working alongside the customer and the engineering team to design and manufacture a new medical instrument from concept to production and on to market, has such satisfaction to it.

As Bryan explains, working directly with design engineers at KMC is rewarding as they all have the passion and drive to motivate each other to innovate and design the next best medical device that will eventually help improve and save lives all over the world.        

If you are interested in starting a career at KMC Systems, and want to see how you can help protect and save lives, check out our career page for current openings.

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