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Becoming a New Hire During the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Something I can really get behind!” Francesca Lynch, new hire and Account Manager at KMC Systems, recalls what it’s like to join a company during the pandemic that designs, develops and manufactures diagnostic test equipment that has a direct impact on the fight against Covid-19.

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KMC Systems Offering Jobs and Solutions During COVID-19 Crisis

KMC Systems is in the midst of a months-long hiring push for its medical diagnostics team as it continues to meet an ever-increasing demand for instruments to test for coronavirus.

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Connie Henderson Brings Decades of Experience to KMC Production Floor

Connie Henderson has spent decades at KMC building a reputation as a sherpa of manufacturing to her adoring colleagues. Over the course of a nearly 40-year career with Elbit Systems of America, KMC’s parent company, Henderson has solidified herself as the go-to helping hand for KMC employees old and new.

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Veteran KMC Assembler Anchors a Production Floor in Overdrive

As KMC Systems continues to surge hiring of manufacturing workers to make COVID-19 testing instruments, long-time electromechanical assembler Bobby Slosek remains a steady presence on the production floor, a skilled trainer of new employees and a trusted pinch hitter for managers under the strain of ever-increasing demand.

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Work on COVID Testing Equipment Continues as KMC Implements Strict Safety Protocols

KMC Systems and its corporate parent, Elbit America, have responded to the demands of the global pandemic with a host of new safety protocols that have protected workers for months as cases continue to spike across the country.

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KMC’s Rachel Plourde Pioneers New Graduate Rotation Program

This year, KMC Systems debuted its new year-long Graduate Rotation Associate Program, giving recent college graduates the chance to work on a variety of teams across the company learning about the day-to-day operations of a medical diagnostics manufacturer.

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KMC Systems Made 2020 About the Patients

KMC Systems, a medical diagnostics manufacturer that supplies instruments to many of the largest in vitro diagnostics companies in the world, spent 2020 building solutions and creating results for patients.

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