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Traditionally, medical and life-science instrumentation was confined to a lab bench. But as diagnostic technology continues to evolve, and the demand for faster and more complex testing increases, point-of-care instruments are being used increasingly in hospital rooms, emergency rooms and other near-patient settings.

Size, cost, and ease of use are top requirements needed to compete in this exciting point-of-care market. Instruments must be small enough to fit on bench tops. Along with functionality, portable instruments need efficient battery power and pricing needs to be realistic for purchase by point-of-care providers. Additionally, these instruments often need to perform a multitude of tests and be easy to use for the novice. These are all considerations KMC can help you overcome.

Our accomplishments in the design and manufacturing of Point of Care testing instruments include:
  • Miniaturization of robotic platforms
  • CLIA waiver
  • Usability
  • Mechanical design
  • Software design
  • Prototyping

Point-of-Care Case Study

Bench-Top Immunoassay Analyzer


A diagnostic company wanted to develop an automated random access immunoassay analyzer for its magnetic particle, chemiluminescence chemistry and protocols. The company was seeking a clean-sheet, cost effective concept to address mid-volume clinical laboratories and a partner to carry the program from design through production.


KMC's team worked with the company on voice-of-the-customer requirements and created several concepts to meet the requirements. Detailed timing and trade-off analysis was conducted on the various instrument concepts.  KMC implemented the design of the selected concept creating a compact instrument, including the reaction cuvette and reagent packaging. After completing system verification the instrument was smoothly transitioned to our manufacturing center for production.

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