Partner with the leading experts in the innovation and automation of molecular diagnostics systems

Technology to detect DNA and RNA biomarkers is driving revolutionary change in molecular diagnostics. These biomarkers ultimately improve patient care by providing accurate data to physicians considering individualized treatment options. In turn, the possibility of personalized medicine is now a growing reality. 

KMC Systems has been at the forefront of automating the unique stages of varied molecular diagnostic platforms and is seen as the engineering firm of choice for development of new molecular diagnostics systems. We’re proud to have been deeply involved with designing and building instruments for HIV screening, HBV, HCV and HPV testing. The molecular diagnostic instruments we designed or manufactured have played a large part in keeping the blood supply safe, detecting STD’s and cancer screening. If you’ll keep developing the biology, we’ll keep improving our ability to design and build the instruments. Together, we can make a difference.

Our accomplishments in the design and manufacturing of Molecular Diagnostic instruments include:

  • Concept development
  • Throughput simulation
  • Rapid bread-boarding and prototyping
  • Early stage assay development platforms
  • Rapid thermal cycling
  • Nucleic acid extraction and purification automation
  • Real-time amplification & optical quantification
  • Automated sample handling
  • On-board reagent handling & storage
  • Motion control architecture
  • Implementation of robotic systems
  • Reliability improvements
  • Reaction vessel design
  • Wet chemistry testing in biosafety level labs

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