Bacterial contamination doesn’t wait - nor should advancements in microbiology

Rapid detection of bacterial infection is critical to a patient. But it’s the timely diagnosis of an appropriate antimicrobial treatment that is paramount for rapid recovery or survival. Antibiotic susceptibility testing techniques continue to dominate microbiology research and the instrumentation necessary to deliver it is a critical component to positive clinical outcomes.

KMC has been developing instrumentation alongside some of the leading diagnostic companies in our field. Our engineers and medical technologists speak the language of microbiology, not just hardware and software. So whether it’s the automation of McFarland Standards or high throughput sample prep, we have the instrumentation experience you can count on when it matters most.

Our achievements in the design and manufacturing of Microbiology Instruments include:
  • Nepholometry
  • Sample preparation
  • Capacitance liquid level sensing
  • Robotic transport systems
  • Optical imaging

Microbiology Case Study

Sample Preparation System


A major diagnostics company sought to automate a labor intensive protocol for creating a uniform suspension of bacteria at a defined concentration for dosing a reagent cartridge for rapid and precise bacterial identification and anti-microbial susceptibility testing. They had developed a manual process with a commercially available reader and needed help developing a fully automated instrument platform. The instrument had to provide minimal hands-on time, high precision and high throughput to meet the clinical microbiology laboratory needs.


KMC Systems engineered a walkaway instrument to create the appropriate dilution of a bacterial suspension by designing precision robotics, fluidics and optical detection along with the mathematical algorithms for determining the McFarland concentration of the bacterial suspension. KMC created the system concept and carried it all the way through system verification. Having completed the needed engineering and design to advance this project, KMC successfully transitioned the instrument to production in our manufacturing center.

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