Advancements, innovations and insight on cellular metabolism through diagnostic imaging

The ability to non-invasively visualize human anatomy has already assisted the healthcare industry in reducing the staggering number of unnecessary procedures and surgical interventions being administered to unwary patients. But early imaging was limited to visualizing bone and foreign objects, as the technology was not advanced enough to realize the slight differences in soft tissue densities and details.

As care givers push to deliver a diagnosis determined through increasingly various signs and symptoms advances in diagnostic imaging have broadened the application from imaging anatomy to imaging real-time cellular metabolic processes. Ease of use, instrument quality and image resolution are essential elements for success in this flourishing Diagnostic Imaging market. KMC has the experience to help you be there.

Our accomplishments in the design and manufacturing of Diagnostic Imaging instruments include:
  • Extreme thermal control
  • Innovative hardware and disposable interface
  • Mechanical design
  • Software design
  • Prototyping

Diagnostic Imaging Case Study

Diagnostic Imager


A scientific research team at a Fortune 500 medical company had developed a high-level concept that observing real-time metabolism at the cellular level would aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various cancers. With the vision that this concept could be developed into a commercialized instrument the research team needed an industrial collaborator to bring their proven design from concept to reality. Even though the company had considerable engineering expertise of their own, time-to-market was critical. They determined that an experienced medical device designer and developer, with manufacturing capability, would be better suited to meet product launch expectations than their constrained internal team.


The polarization method utilized in this design involved a highly complex disposable, a series of isolated thermal chambers (ranging from room temperature to near absolute zero), and sophisticated software controls. KMC was able to provide an innovative hardware and software solution for this complex challenge and hit the agreed upon milestones. The unit is now in the hands of the customer’s beta users.

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