Strategies of Collaborative Co-Development Success


Just as an orchestra conductor melds different instruments, pitches, and tones into one harmonious symphony, the successful development of a complex medical instrument is no different. KMC Systems, a contract instrument development and manufacturing company, takes a look into what makes for a notable partnership; the upmost collaboration between respective teams.

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Quality Assurance Best Practices in Contract Manufacturing

Several factors play into a successful contract manufacturing program. Some of these factors result in reduced expenditures, increased time saving capabilities, and error free development practices. For 35 years, KMC Systems has been continuously refining our manufacturing processes to successfully and seamlessly bring compliant medical devices to market. KMC Systems produces groundbreaking medical instrumentation by leveraging our years of experience and employing three key priorities for quality assurance during the design, development and manufacturing phases.

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Medical Design Briefs, Inside Story: Outsourcing Instrument Engineering and Manufacturing

KMC Systems hasdeveloped sophisticated, multidisciplinary product development processes tohelp their customers achieve market success. Medical Design Briefs spoke with Robert Silva,director of engineering at KMCSystems, to learn more about KMC’s capabilities and the pros and cons of customization versus plug-and-play solutions.

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3 Tips to Find the Best Medical Product Design Partner for Assay Development

You’ve worked non-stop on a brilliant chemistry project that will revolutionize the medical industry and drastically improve patients’ lives.

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5 Medical Device Development Tips

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Medical Innovation at KMC Systems: A Program Manager's Perspective

KMC Systems Program Manager Paul Dahlstrom shares his perspective on KMC's medical innovation through medical device design, development and manufacturing, which provides solutions that protect and save lives.

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Risk Management in Medical Device Software Development

Although rapidly advancing medical technologies revolutionize healthcare, they can also cause setbacks as medical device software complexity increases.

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3 Game-Changing Advancements in IVD Product Development

You know that medical technology advancements to IVD product development reduce cost, increase efficiency and speed time to market.

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4 Factors in Choosing a Medical Device Development Partner

You’ve come up with a brilliant medical device idea. You know there’s a market for your idea. Next step: begin the medical device development process. Now you need to begin searching for a medical instrument engineering and design firm... How will you choose?  

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3 Technologies Changing Medical Contract Manufacturing Supply Chain

A report1 published by the IBM Institute for Business Value declares that three emerging technologies have the power to transition the world from “a hardware-based to a software-defined global supply chain” and that these technologies will radically alter the nature of manufacturing as we know it. 

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