Webinar Description:

This webinar originally aired on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, but you can watch the Webinar Replay now to see how Patrick L. Padgett, Operations Manager at GE Research Circle Technology and Walter Gilde, Business Development Manager at KMC Systems discuss the collaboration between GE's scientists and KMC's engineers that aided in the development and advancements of this technology. Stay up to date on this groundbreaking project and learn about the emerging advances in hyperpolarization technology

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  • How initial discoveries in the field of hyperpolarization had been instrumental, but little progress had been made in the technology or in-market use until now. 
  • How GE’s Research Circle Technology fostered collaboration amongst researchers and the significant advances that have been made in hyperpolarization technology.  
  • How partnering with a specialized organization with engineering and contract manufacturing expertise can streamline the development and commercialization of complex instrumentation.