Ask the Expert: Product Feasibility

Do you have any strategies to quickly assess medical product feasibility early in the medical product development phase?

Spencer LovetteSpencer Lovette, PMP, Program Manager, KMC Systems, Inc.

The risk management process for new medical devices and instruments is always crucial, but even more so in today’s unstable economy as medical  product companies seek to speed products to market to generate additional revenue. One way KMC Systems quickly tests product feasibility early in the design process is to utilize existing software code that interfaces with off-the-shelf components. This allows us to rapidly integrate a functional breadboard for feasibility testing.

Rapidly getting to answers in the feasibility stage is very important. Many companies often start by developing custom software to test product feasibility, but this can take many weeks. Medical devices and instruments often perform similar basic actions, such as picking up and dropping off a vial. Creating flexible and robust software tools to perform these basic actions and reusing them in multiple projects is a great way to shorten development schedules and meet tight deadlines. Employing reusable solutions allows you to rapidly prototype your product and assess its feasibility, reduce risk, and speed time to market.

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