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I’m trying to implement lean manufacturing processes in my organization. What strategies do you use?

Ed EnglishEd English, Director of Supply Chain Management, KMC Systems, Inc.

In today’s economy, most companies involved in manufacturing are working to implement lean manufacturing processes to reduce time, cost, and inventory waste for suppliers and customers. At KMC Systems, we have implemented an Oracle business software system that helps keep costs down for our customers. This system lowers exposure on inventory and expedites the manufacturing process. Oracle, which is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, eliminates room for error by loading project data and tracking into one centralized software system. We currently share manufacturing documentation through a portal with our customers and will soon be providing access to related data from our ERP system for their products. 

Inventory management without ERP can be time consuming and costly, since materials may be ordered irregularly when anticipating manufacture. The automated ERP system will notify suppliers when materials are at a certain level and automatically reorder the parts as needed to continue the manufacturing process. This way, customers do not invest in unneeded materials. In addition to accuracy and time savings, ERP systems create quicker turnaround for customers.

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