Microbiology Applications

Microbiology culture methods need to be efficient in the identification and characterization of parasitic microorganisms for the diagnosis and treatment of viral infections and other infectious diseases. With advancing technologies and increasing incidences of infectious disease, microbiology culture processing needs to advance in speed and complexity in to serve today’s laboratories and hospitals.  This demand for microbiology instrumentation to be highly efficient, accurate and deliver results in shorter spans of time will continue to rise.  

Automated Microbiology System

Automated Microbiology SystemFor pharmaceutical companies, tight quality controls can often delay time-to-market. One company is seeking to solve this challenge with a device that allows earlier detection and enumeration of potential bacterial contamination, providing more rigorous quality control as well as rapid release of contamination-free materials to production. The medical device automates the microbial culture process and uses image analysis for microbial detection.

Once the company developed the image processing algorithms used to detect microbial presence, it contracted KMC Systems to develop the instrument’s platform. The project required advanced electrical, mechanical, and software engineering as well as the development of a robotic transport system to interface the agar cassette with the imager and on-board CO² incubator. It also included the development of a sophisticated optical-based imaging system within the instrument and a proprietary agar cassette.

KMC Systems is currently in the process of transitioning the product into manufacturing. 

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