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Small Walt Question: My company is developing a complex disposable cartridge for a point-of-care technology, and will hire a medical contract partner to design and  manufacture the instrument itself. At what point should we engage a medical device contract manufacturer?Answer
Small David Question: I want to implement  a lean medical product manufacturing philosophy into  my business. What are some of the  challenges we can expect to  face? Answer
Small Ed Question: The pressure to introduce new medical devices to market quickly and cost-effectively is constant. What strategies can I employ to commercialize my product in a strict timeframe? Answer
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Total Product Life Cycle

KMC Total Product Lifecycle Management

Throughout the entire medical product lifecycle, KMC Systems uses a collaborative approach to manage medical device development, design, manufacturing and support. We leverage over thirty years of proven expertise using proven processes and an advanced infrastructure of project and quality management. 

The KMC360® Total Product Lifecycle Management Program turns smart ideas into brilliant reality. Our customers are valued partners and commitment and integrity are at the core of all we do. From medical product development and design to contract manufacturing and depot-level support, you'll receive the highest quality service every step of the way. 

The knowledge and experience of KMC's team of experts are the the building blocks of our multidisciplinary approach. They ensure excellence and compliance throughout the entire product life cycle.

KMC customers rely on the transparency of our business practices. Throughout the life of a project, ongoing collaboration with our team and our clients keeps every project on schedule and within budget. Our customers are known to say, "If you want it done right the first time, take it to KMC." 

If you have a smart idea or technology that you'd like to take to the next level, contact us for a consultation. We’ll apply our proven step-by-step proposal development process to start your project on solid ground.

Download our Total Product Lifecycle Management chart to learn more about KMC's proven process for program management.

 Total Product Lifecycle Management

Total Product Lifecycle Management Chart

Total Product Life Cycle diagram

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