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Small Walt Question: My company is developing a complex disposable cartridge for a point-of-care technology, and will hire a medical contract partner to design and  manufacture the instrument itself. At what point should we engage a medical device contract manufacturer?Answer
Small David Question: I want to implement  a lean medical product manufacturing philosophy into  my business. What are some of the  challenges we can expect to  face? Answer
Small Ed Question: The pressure to introduce new medical devices to market quickly and cost-effectively is constant. What strategies can I employ to commercialize my product in a strict timeframe? Answer
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Supply Chain Management

Medical Supply Chain Management

KMC Systems has access to a world-class supplier base through Elbit Systems of America. Our network of suppliers gives our customers the competitive advantage by reducing lead times for products and spare parts. A dedicated team of buyers/planners uses “Lean principles” and the latest Oracle ERP system for optimal supply chain management to ensure the commercialization of products within the agreed upon timeline and budget.

In addition, our buyer/planner regularly works with our Quality Assurance department to constantly update and maintain our Approved Suppliers List (ASL). At KMC Systems, we work to develop a list of customer-approved suppliers for each program. If an approved supplier is not available to meet project-specific requirements, new suppliers are considered and added only after a rigorous screening and supplier approval process

For depot repair, the team relies on a segregated inventory location for quick turn-around, and our logistics department provides global delivery directly to wherever a customer desires.

Download our Five-Step Smooth Transition Guide to learn how to smoothly transition your medical device from design to production. 

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