KMC Medical Contract Manufacturing

Outsourced Medical Manufacturing

KMC Systems offers world-class medical contract manufacturing and engineering services for a wide range of medical instrumentation.  KMC provides customers with streamlined, customized, cost-saving solutions for complex medical manufacturing projects. Using over thirty years of experience, KMC has developed proven methodologies to design and manufacture complex medical instrumentation, such as:

  • Molecular diagnostic systems
  • Immunochemistry analyzers
  • Surgical irrigation pumps
  • Hemodialysis systems
  • Therapeutic cell processors

Our medical contract manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Turnkey Operations
    Whether medical systems have just completed the design phase or have been in production elsewhere, we assume responsibility for the entire manufacturing process.
  • Transition to Manufacturing
    We apply our knowledge of medical instrument engineering and manufacturing to smooth the transition from design to full-scale production. We provide transition service for products developed externally and internally. Our engineering team use proven processes – including a proprietary Manufacturing Readiness Review checklist – to reduce time-to-market and eliminate unnecessary costs.

KMC Systems' lean manufacturing practices provide:
  • Increased customer flexibility and greater responsiveness
  • Lower costs and more efficient inventory turns
  • Real-time identification and resolution of component and production challenges

Is your medical device ready for manufacturing? Download our Manufacturing Readiness Review Checklist to find out.

Download KMC's Manufacturing Readiness Review Checklist