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Small Walt Question: My company is developing a complex disposable cartridge for a point-of-care technology, and will hire a medical contract partner to design and  manufacture the instrument itself. At what point should we engage a medical device contract manufacturer?Answer
Small David Question: I want to implement  a lean medical product manufacturing philosophy into  my business. What are some of the  challenges we can expect to  face? Answer
Small Ed Question: The pressure to introduce new medical devices to market quickly and cost-effectively is constant. What strategies can I employ to commercialize my product in a strict timeframe? Answer
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Medical Device Manufacturing

KMC Systems Medical Device Manufacturing

For over thirty years, medical industry leaders, OEMs and start-up companies have relied on KMC's engineering and manufacturing expertise to bring their complex medical instrumentation to market. 

KMC's Medical Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

KMC Systems manufactures world-class medical devices and instrumentation by employing an integrated manufacturing execution system (MES). Our proprietary, FDA-compliant, automated medical manufacturing software is customized specifically for complex medical manufacturing applications. Coupled with proven process management techniques, our MES enables rapid start-up of new projects, strengthens quality control, and manages documentation for traceability and regulatory compliance.  

Is your product design ready for medical manufacturing? Download our Manufacturing Readiness Review Checklist to find out. 

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Our Manufacturing Execution System Provides:

  • Rapid Ramp-Up
    Our software platform is customized for each project and provides step-by-step, visual instructions. 
  • Rigorous Quality Control
    Our trained test technicians follow the manufacturing execution system’s step-by-step visual instructions, providing greater assurance of quality and workmanship.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    KMC Systems’ manufacturing execution system also manages documentation for traceability and regulatory compliance.
  • Customer Access
    Our MES can provide customers with web-based access to manufacturing reports.

Whether you are looking for:

KMC Systems medical manufacturing customers rely on our extensive experience in medical device manufacturing and our demonstrated record of success.

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