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Small Walt Question: My company is developing a complex disposable cartridge for a point-of-care technology, and will hire a medical contract partner to design and  manufacture the instrument itself. At what point should we engage a medical device contract manufacturer?Answer
Small David Question: I want to implement  a lean medical product manufacturing philosophy into  my business. What are some of the  challenges we can expect to  face? Answer
Small Ed Question: The pressure to introduce new medical devices to market quickly and cost-effectively is constant. What strategies can I employ to commercialize my product in a strict timeframe? Answer
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Medical Device Field Support

Medical Device Field Support

KMC Systems provides a complete suite of services throughout the total product life cycle including unparalleled post-sales field support. 

For more than thirty years, KMC Systems has been providing industry leading medical device manufacturing and engineering services to leading medical device companies and OEMs around the world. Our post-sales field support is a key component to the success of our KMC360® TPL Program.  

Precise Spare Parts ManagementDepot-Level Support

  • Medical depot repair
  • Medical depot refurbishment
  • Medical device replacement management

Spare Parts Management

  • Spare part fulfillment
  • Spare part inventory management

Field Support Logistics

  • Loaner pool management

Other Medical Device Field Support Services:            

  • Field service engineer training
  • Service manual creation
  • IFU (Instructions For Use) manuals
  • DHR tracking

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