White Paper: Developing a Rapid, Real-Time, PCR Instrument

Today, there is great demand for the development and design of next gen. PCR-based diagnostics for the rapid analysis of patient samples and simultaneous detection of multiple diverse markers. In this white paper, KMC Systems and Streck Inc. describe the development and technology that went into an innovative new rapid, 6-color, randomly-accessible, real-time PCR instrument.  Close_up_engineering-sm.png

The time-critical clinical results include HLA matching / disease testing for organ transplantation, PCR-based diagnostic tests, antibiotic resistance testing / bacterial identification, co-infections such; HIV, tuberculosis, disease and toxin testing to determine the actual cause of symptoms, and forensics identification to name a few.

Download this white paper to learn more about how KMC Systems and Streck Inc. collaborated on the development of this new instrument and the amazing versatility and capabilities of Steck's new PCR instrument. 

  • Find out why intelligent engineering and rapid heat transfer are the keys to success
  • Learn the value of a random access instrument when running multiple diagnostic tests
  • Find out how rapid PCR is critical to target fields
  • Learn about selecting optimal PCR reagents for rapid PCR instrumentation

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