ERP and Kanbans go together for Medical Device On-Time Delivery

This is the third in a three-part series on how to improve medical device on-time delivery performance.

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Take It To The Top: Climbing and medical device manufacturing support

After successfully summiting Point 5318 and exploring the other Djangart region "Forbidden Mountains" in Kyrgyzstan, the Take It To The Top VICE Expedition team is heading home.

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KMC's 2012…A year of advancement and successful collaboration

KMC looks back on 2012 as a year of advancement in medical device design and manufacturing for both our customers and us. Our technical and manufacturing teams were focused on enhancing existing lean manufacturing processes and optimizing design through simulation modeling and collaborative development. 

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How To Engage Employees in Lean Medical Manufacturing Practices

Part 2 of KMC's "Lean Medical Device Manufacturing" blog series

Aside from the improved cost, time-to-market and quality benefits for KMC customers, the lean medical device manufacturing philosophy in the medical manufacturing process also empowers employees.

 Manufacturing Support Team 

“One of the early concerns with introducing lean practices at KMC was that there may be a reduction in the work force,” David Burns, KMC’s assembly manager, said. “That’s a big misconception. In fact, lean medical device manufacturing actually has the reverse effect. By creating greater efficiencies, there is more opportunity to cross-train and make employees even more valuable to the company and the company more valuable to the employees. The more skill sets an employee has, the more valuable they are.”

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How to Select a Medical Contract Manufacturer - MPO Roundtable

 At the 4th Annual MPO Symposium hosted by Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) medical device manufacturers, regulatory, business development, and strategists gathered to discuss and share knowledge and explore outsourcing strategies for improved outcomes.



The "Building the Bridge Between OEM Design and Outsourced Manufacturing" session was staffed with an impressive panel of representatives and moderated by Ben Dunn, Managing Director of Covington Associates. Some sage advice was offered by one of the panelists, Ron Jellison, Executive Director of Business Development for KMC Systems, Inc. for how to select a medical device manufacturing partner.

Ron identified three key areas to focus on when considering a medical contract manufacturer during the product design phase:

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