10 Tips to Help Prevent a Medical Device Development Failure

We asked industry experts, including our collaborative product development partners Farm and Sunrise Labs Inc. to share their experience and tips on how to prevent failure during the development phase of a medical instrumenation project.  

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KMC's rapid IVD prototyping - AACC Conference OEM Lecture Series

  Walter Gilde
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Strategies for Rapid Medical Device Development

Rapid product development offers an inherent competitive advantage in the field of medical instruments. There are a number of different strategies that have been utilized in order to achieve results in a minimal amount of time with varying levels of success.

Over time, one thing has become clear. In order to streamline the entire process of developing medical instruments, a holistic approach is critical. In particular a holistic approach with focus on technologies, processes, healthcare management and people. Here is a closer look at some strategies for successful medical instrument rapid product development and how a holistic approach can address them.

  1. When the ultimate desire is speed, one strategy is to leverage appropriate off the shelf technologies that will not only reduce the amount of development time needed , but will also have the product features that meets the needs of the end user at a value perceived price point.

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