How Collaborative Ideation Leads to Advanced In Vitro Diagnostics.

Guidelines for Early Stage Innovation in Medical Device Design and Development 

If you’re on a quest to turn a groundbreaking diagnostic concept into a one-of-a-kind, automated, medical masterpiece, you know that every step has to be well-planned and organized. When facilitated correctly, structured collaboration and ideation sessions can be used to generate a wealth of innovative concepts, eventually leading to innovative medical device design and development. In this blog, we’ll provide a few insights on the KMC ideation process for you to consider in your own brainstorming sessions.

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Designing Medical Devices for Use Environments in Today's Rapidly Growing POC Marketplace

With the growing demand for delivering test results as soon as possible to the patient and physician, more complex point-of-care instrumentation is hitting the marketplace at a rapid pace. Now medical device design is more complicated due to myriad considerations that must factor in to the development and design of near-patient and in-home devices

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Verification and Validation; Requirements in Medical Device Design

The process of verification and validation is a critical component for the effective development and design of medical devices. Besides the ultimate need to comply with regulations, keeping the design, manufacture and user requirements in mind during development helps facilitate efficient transition from phase to phase of your medical device project. Putting in place and adhering to the proper production processes yields instruments with a higher manufacturing rate, fewer mistakes, a quicker time to market, and lower production costs. At KMC Systems, quality is not just a requirement, it's our culture. Read More

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The Key to Leveraging Multiple Engineering Disciplines in Medical Device Design

Of the multitude of disciplines required for designing and developing medical devices, what's the best mix for total product life cycle management? How does each stage and department work together to achieve a quality finished product? 

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Introducing Medical Devices to Market with the Help of Systems Engineering

Ensuring successful introduction to market is no small feat. Product development first starts with accurately documenting requirements prior to design, which secures the developed product will meet the intended use.  Read More

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Have You Downloaded the SLAS2015 Conference App?

The SLAS 4th Annual Conference App is now available for FREE
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rom Google Play or iTunes. Scan the QR code at right with your mobile device to access the app. Learn more about  the SLAS2015 Conference App through a short video and read more details here.

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5 Medical Device Design Tips

We’ve gathered five medical device design expert tips from our Expert Tips pages to provide a glimpse into the KMC Systems knowledge pool.

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How to Avoid a Medical Device Recall Due to Design Failure

You’ve probably noticed the spike in medical device recalls.

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3 Tips to Find the Best Medical Product Design Partner for Assay Development

You’ve worked non-stop on a brilliant chemistry project that will revolutionize the medical industry and drastically improve patients’ lives.

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5 Medical Device Development Tips

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