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Lean is a Team Effort. Everyone Needs to Be On Board. 

One of the key benefits of a successful lean medical device manufacturing program is the synergistic effect realized from a committed and focused team. In fact without the commitment of the entire team a lean system can fail. It is this interdependency of team members that fuels the team spirit, an essential element of lean medical manufacturing program success.

Let’s talk about lean manufacturing in situ and team …

Back in the day (~480 BC) the famous Greek battleship commander Themistocles gained acclaim for leading the attack and ultimately destroying the Persian fleet. His fleet of trireme ships were of an eloquent design. They provided the superior evasive speed and ramming power to be victorius in the battle of Salamis. 

So one might ask … How did they power this ship?  (hint – this is where the team part comes in). 

The standard warship in Greece at that time was the trireme, a vessel which had three banks of oars with one man to each oar. The total crew of a trireme was about 200, of whom 170 were oarsmen.

Immediately, I’m thinking how did they ever coordinate their rowing  strokes? … especially when the need for course correction was necessary !!

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Lean Manufacturing in situ

(Lean Manufacturing Practices in Medical Device Manufacturing)

Employees, a company’s most important asset, must take the initiative to discover opportunities that will create and deliver results-oriented value to their customers.  Studies have shown that employees have a genuine desire to make contributions to the business, but to do so they must:

  • understand the business value proposition
  • be focused on value to the customer and company
  • be empowered in the decision making processes that affects their job 
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Medical Device Contract Manufacturer Involvement ... When?

Do you struggle with determining when is the right time to involve a medical device contract manufacturer ?

This can be the most important decision in determining whether your product meets all your manufacturing goals and is released to market on time. Ron Jellison, KMC Systems' VP of Business Development, spoke at the 4th Annual MPO Symposium in 2011 to the importance of how to get the medical device contract manufacturer (CM) involved at the right time.


"We've been involved as early on as the time the OEM selected the designer where they also made the determination of who the manufacturer was going to be.." Jellison said. He went on to say while this is not the most common model, it can be very effective. This allows the manufacturer to be involved in the design reviews and give input into the design of the product. This makes sure that once the product has been transitioned to manufacturing, the product easily fits the manufacturing and testing capabilities for a smooth production and product launch.

Jellison also touched on a more common scenario; "The most common model is where the CM is selected prior to the completion of the development process. For example, you may have an engineering prototype build, then you may be doing another interim build prior to a release to manufacturing, where you involve a CM. This has been a successful model that has worked for us as well."

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How Does a Medical Contract Manufacturer Vet an Opportunity?

Have you ever thought about how a medical device manufacturer would vet a business opportunity?

Vetting a business opportunity is a critical first step in building a relationship between an OEM and a Supplier.

In the October issue of MPO, a feature article written by Jim Stommen entitled "Let the Vetting Begin" offers insight to the early interactions of an OEM and a supplier as they both evaluate the business partnering relationship. This topic was also discussed recently at the 4th Annual MPO Symposium during the "Building the Bridge Between OEM Design and Outsourced Manufacturing" panel session.

Ron Jellison, Executive Director of Business Development for KMC Systems was one of the panelists that offered insight to the vetting process used at KMC Systems, Inc.

"When evaluating a large OEM business opportunity we look at the types of products in their portfolio, the competition in their industry, their product sales/distribution channel, and the alignment of our quality system to theirs. For a start-up company, having confidence with the management team and their technical, financial and schedule objectives is an essential foundation for a successful business partnering relationship. " stated Jellison.

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