KMC’s Lean Medical Manufacturing Philosophy, Practice

Part 1 of a two-part series

Applying its lean manufacturing practices to medical devices and instrumentation, KMC Systems Inc. is achieving significant time-to-market, cost and quality improvements for its customers. “Lean manufacturing helps us trace, create and maintain efficiencies with regards to labor and material expenses,” David Burns, KMC’s assembly manager, explained. “Using lean principles, we are better able to show the customer more accurately what it costs to build and test the device and deliver on that.”

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Lean Manufacturing in situ

(Lean Manufacturing Practices in Medical Device Manufacturing)

Employees, a company’s most important asset, must take the initiative to discover opportunities that will create and deliver results-oriented value to their customers.  Studies have shown that employees have a genuine desire to make contributions to the business, but to do so they must:

  • understand the business value proposition
  • be focused on value to the customer and company
  • be empowered in the decision making processes that affects their job 
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Topics: medical device contract manufacturing, lean manufacturing, lean medical device manufacturing, lean manufacturing practices