Testing IVD Medical Instrument Feasibility During Development

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News: KMC Systems Welcomes Laboratory Automation Professionals to SLAS 2013

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KMC's 2012…A year of advancement and successful collaboration

KMC looks back on 2012 as a year of advancement in medical device design and manufacturing for both our customers and us. Our technical and manufacturing teams were focused on enhancing existing lean manufacturing processes and optimizing design through simulation modeling and collaborative development. 

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KMC Engineers have "The Knack" ... and a rich life beyond the cubicle

 Posted by Patty Duffey and Gail Jones

October 23, 2012

Engineers are sometimes lightheartedly teased for their intense and intuitive focus on solving or fixing mechanical and electrical things, as mimicked here in "The Knack." Yet, many of our engineers also excel at taking on new challenges and activities beyond work with confidence and ease.

From home schooling four children, coaching and building their own homes to beekeeping, gardening and wine-making, KMC Systems, Inc.'s engineers engage in a multitude of other pursuits.

The company’s policy of every other Friday off enables many to expand upon their external interests. Some believe their life outside of work makes them even more productive at their jobs.

Below is a glimpse of four employees who bravely shared how they use their time off to the fullest extent. Collectively, they have more than thirty hobbies and each is passionate about both their professional and personal lives.

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The 7 Cs in Simulation Modeling for Medical Device Design

How important is simulation modeling in the medical instrumentation and laboratory diagnostic industry? This dynamic process helps medical device manufacturers and OEMs mitigate risks, accelerate time-to-market, create better products and reduce development and deployment costs. The businesses that embrace the power of the technology will have an easier time remaining competitive in the medical product marketplace.
This is the first of a two-part series. See Part II here. 

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News: KMC Systems is Exhibiting at BIOMEDevice Boston 2012

Join KMC Systems at BIOMEDevice Boston , booth #841, April 25-26, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) in Boston, MA.   Learn about KMC360®, the company’s suite of services offered for contract design & development, manufacturing and field support.    KMC relies on its 30+ years of medical industry experience and established methodologies to efficiently design and develop complex products and systems for the in-vitro diagnostic, surgical/therapeutic and laboratory automation markets.

Attend BIOMEDevice, the Industry’s Resource for Medical Product Design and Manufacturing, where KMC Systems, booth # 841 will showcase its comprehensive company capabilities.


Click here for your complimentary Exhibit entrance pass

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News: KMC Systems Featured in Medical Product Outsourcing March 2012


KMC Systems, Inc. is featured in the article entitled A Diagnosis in Flux.”  of the March 2012 issue of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO).

Born and Raised in Diagnostics, page 60, highlights the birth of KMC Systems coupled with its management’s perspective in the in-vitro diagnostics space.  Both Ron Jellison, Executive Director of Business Development and Walter Gilde, Manager Business Development, are quoted within the article.

“We have manufactured products that touch virtually every segment of the clinical laboratory – clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, immunopathology, hematology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics, coagulation, you name it, “Gilde said.

Jellison stated, “In the last decade, you really have seen the coming to fruition of a lot of the molecular research into molecular diagnostics with the advent of new amplification methods,” he stated.

For 30+ years, in Merrimack, New Hampshire, KMC Systems has partnered with leading and emerging medical device companies to successfully bring in-vitro diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic and laboratory automation products to market.  Our comprehensive KMC360® program supports OEMs medical instrument needs for design, manufacturing and field support.

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News: Hope Springs Eternal ...

Welcomed warm rays of sunshine  … tulip bulb sprouts emerging  … returning birds chirping … all obvious signs that spring is now upon us. 

Memories of a friends’ routine reminder about my need to prepare for the opening of fishing season was a familiar sign that spring was here again. I miss those friendly reminders.  Now with the obvious signs of spring, I am reminded of those times and the fish tales we both would tell.

I am intrigued by the analogies of fishing and inbound website marketing … how many hits did you get ? … do you have the right offerings (bait) ? … is your content (chum) attracting the right customer (fish) ? … are you fishing in the right stream ?

Now, my friend would have looked upon this analogy with concern for my sanity, and would have attempted to ground me with more appropriate discussions of the bait that would guarantee landing a “big one” on opening day.

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Medical Device Contract Manufacturer Involvement ... When?

Do you struggle with determining when is the right time to involve a medical device contract manufacturer ?

This can be the most important decision in determining whether your product meets all your manufacturing goals and is released to market on time. Ron Jellison, KMC Systems' VP of Business Development, spoke at the 4th Annual MPO Symposium in 2011 to the importance of how to get the medical device contract manufacturer (CM) involved at the right time.


"We've been involved as early on as the time the OEM selected the designer where they also made the determination of who the manufacturer was going to be.." Jellison said. He went on to say while this is not the most common model, it can be very effective. This allows the manufacturer to be involved in the design reviews and give input into the design of the product. This makes sure that once the product has been transitioned to manufacturing, the product easily fits the manufacturing and testing capabilities for a smooth production and product launch.

Jellison also touched on a more common scenario; "The most common model is where the CM is selected prior to the completion of the development process. For example, you may have an engineering prototype build, then you may be doing another interim build prior to a release to manufacturing, where you involve a CM. This has been a successful model that has worked for us as well."

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