Flexibility, Modularity & Speed: Rapid, Real-Time PCR Diagnostics

Gone are the days when analysis of patient samples took hours or even several days.  With this ground-breaking, rapid, real-time PCR instrument, clinicians can see results in as few as 20 minutes.  The Philisa® Real-Time PCR System from Streck, Inc. is a real game changer.  

PCR_PhilisaRecently, Streck Inc., an industry leader in medical diagnostic instrumentation with specialties in cell stabilization, blood collection tubes and molecular diagnostics, designed a Philisa Real-Time PCR system and partnered with KMC Systems for development. Streck chose KMC Systems to leverage the broad range KMC's expertise in engineering complex medical devices.

During the development phase, KMC Systems focused on the key benefits of the Philisa real-time PCR system -- the instrument's speed, flexibility and modularity. Philisa provides the flexibility to run multiple, different tests simultaniously consisting of up to four independently programmable, complete modules. Each module can run eight samples, and the four modules can be used by multiple users since the protocols and data are completely separate. With up to 32 samples processed in a single run, 768 samples can be processed in a typical workday. 


Ensuring thermal efficiency was another factor Streck and KMC collaborated on during the development phase.  The independent modules don’t require the same annealing temperature, denaturation time, or elongation time for every amplicon. With rapid ramp rates – 15 °C heating and 12 °C cooling – facilitating PCR results as quickly as 20 minutes is achievable.  

The goal of developing the Philisa Real-Time PCR System was to develop a complete, compact solution for rapid, real-time detection of multiple markers. The instrument was developed with improved patient care and convenience for the end user.

Streck, Inc and KMC Systems also teamed up to create a White Paper detailing how their collaboration resulted in this Rapid, Real-Time PCR Instrument.

Want to know more? KMC Systems and Streck Inc. conducted a webinar on the development, design, manufacturing and features of this innovative instrument. Watch the Webinar Replay NOW. 

Or, Download the White Paper below to learn more. 

Rapid PCR Instrument Development

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