Are you ready for manufacturing? Find out with this Manufacturing Readiness Review checklist.

robot_design_platform_2How do you turn your groundbreaking idea into innovative new medical instrumentation? You may have even devoted hours developing the concept and designing a prototype, so what's next? Are you ready for manufacturing? Has your prototype gone through the proper scrutiny and testing to transition to manufacturing? How about quality control and requirements?

As a medical device contract manufacturer, KMC Systems has been transitioning products throughout the total product life cycle - from concept to commercialization - since 1980. Having expertise in the many engineering disciplines and proven excellence in engineering services and contract manufacturing, KMC works with leading and emerging OEMs. Whether we partner with you from initial concept through development, design and production or you're ready for manufacturing, we'll join your team at any stage of the game. 

You may be assessing whether you need an outsourcing partner. We  have some information on best practices for a smooth transition from development and design to manufacturing that goes beyond the simple answer; hard work, dedication and collaboration.   

With these proven processes, KMC has successfully transitioned thousands of instruments to manufacturing. Our manufacturing readiness review checklist is a guideline for your next medical instrumentation project and you can download it below.  

The manufacturing readiness review provides insight to determine whether the output of the design process joined with the manufacturing, if quality meets all the requirements of documentation, stages the manufacturing processes and test methods, and a number of necessary details are in place to move a medical device to a manufacturing environment. 

Utilizing the manufacturing review checklist aids in avoiding costly engineering changes and rework, and helps keep the project on time and on budget and perhaps accelerates the product to market.

When you develop a new concept, don't forget to download this manufacturing readiness review checklist. We love to talk shop, so please contact us if you have any questions. 

Download KMC's Manufacturing Readiness Review Checklist


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