Lean medical device manufacturing process in KMC production cells

This video shows the main concepts and tools that we use in KMC Systems' lean medical device manufacturing environments to deliver medical instrumentation in a quicker, more cost-effective manner.

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KMC Systems' Top Medical Device Manufacturing Posts of 2013

KMC Systems has had an eventful and successful 2013, and we hope you have, too!

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PATIENT SAFETY: the Result of Robust Medical Supply Chain Management

Ensure patient and operator safety with proper medical device supply chain management.

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Meet KMC Systems and Other SLAS2014 Community Members!

Swing by booth #1140 at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Conference and Exhibition 2014 to meet our KMC team! If you haven't registered for the conference or booked that San Diego flight yet, be sure to jump on it before the holiday hubbub!

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3 Technologies Changing Medical Contract Manufacturing Supply Chain

A report1 published by the IBM Institute for Business Value declares that three emerging technologies have the power to transition the world from “a hardware-based to a software-defined global supply chain” and that these technologies will radically alter the nature of manufacturing as we know it. 

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Medical Device Development - How to Define Requirements

One of the most important steps in medical device development is defining the requirements of your medical product early on to prevent costly revisions later and delayed time to market. Taking total product life cycle into consideration from the very start is key to success.

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DFx Essential to Reduce Medical Device Manufacturing COGS

This is the fourth in our Reducing your COGS series detailing how KMC Systems reduces customer Cost of Goods Sold during the medical device manufacturing process through its Design-for-Manufacturability software. The DFMA® software is just one aspect of KMC's cost-saving Design for X (DFx) process.

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10 Tips to Help Prevent a Medical Device Development Failure

We asked industry experts, including our collaborative product development partners Farm and Sunrise Labs Inc. to share their experience and tips on how to prevent failure during the development phase of a medical instrumenation project.  

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Interested in IVD Product Development? Meet KMC at the IVD Conference

Meet the KMC Systems team at the IVD Business Strategy Conference at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront from Nov. 6 to 9. 2013! Learn from IVD industry experts, including our own Walter Gilde, as they discuss IVD medical instrument development regulations, trends, challenges, opportunities and more in seminars and presentations designed for your success.

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How to Choose a Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

You know that choosing the right medical device contract manufacturer is one of the most important, and challenging, aspects of successfully bringing a medical product to market.

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