Next Generation Dx Summit 2014: Presenter Interview

Streck's Matthew Kreifels

Medical innovation brought to you by Streck and KMC Systems

You know that timing plays a critical role in medical diagnostics. The faster a patient can get results the better.

Streck has partnered with KMC Systems to develop a 20-minute real-time, random accessible, 6-color multiplex qPCR thermal cycler platform, the Philisa instrument, to accelerate workflow for molecular diagnostic analysis.

To learn more about the instrument and its technology, attend Streck Molecular Technology Manager Matthew Kreifels’ Next Gen Summit presentation, A Novel Randomly Accessible 20-Minute Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler Platform, at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 21.The Philisa qPCR will benefit critical assays for infectious disease, HLA genotyping, antibiotic resistance detection and forensics.

We spoke with Streck's Molecular Technology Manager Matthew Kreifels about his Next Generation Dx Summit 2014 presentation. Here's what he had to say:

KMCWhat will attendees get out of this presentation?

MK: I will present a novel rapid real-time thermal cycler and its utility in the infectious disease and antibiotic resistance surveillance market.

KMCTell us more about why this platform is so exceptional.

MK: The platform we developed is a rapid 32-well, 6-color channel instrument, that performs 20 minute, 40+ cycle real-time PCR with sample volumes that are practical for the clinical market.  The 32-wells are separated into four randomly accessible modules of 8 wells.  Each module can run a different independent real-time PCR protocol or can be linked to run protocols with larger sample counts.  Each module’s thermal accuracy is unmatched in the field.  The optics in combination with our plastic PCR tube are able to reliably detect fluorophores with concentrations as low as 10 nM.

KMCHow did Streck's development partnership with KMC benefit the platform?

MK: KMC is an excellent business partner. The depth of brain trust we were able to tap into at KMC helped us make good design and development decisions. Additionally, executive leadership at KMC made the Streck team feel as if we were all one big team. They want their customers' products to be successful and understand the success of a product design is good for both parties.

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