Tap In to the Latest in Molecular Diagnostics at TRI-CON 2016


With the significant growth of the molecular diagnostics market comes the potential for advanced treatments in the healthcare industry.  Growth brings about a whole new set of challenges in developing standardized tests, reliably analyzing test results and developing the proper implementation guidelines. TRI-CON 2016 will cover the latest trends and technologies influencing the market today and fostering new markets in the future. 

Join KMC at Molecular Med Tri-Con in San Francisco March 6-11 to review what's new and see how stringent the standards have become for success in the development, design, manufacturing and application of molecular diagnostics in the market today. 

TRI-CON has been a proven platform for exploring the potential for new technologies and research in molecular diagnostics, and in drug discovery and development. Molecular diagnostics play an essential role in mitigating disease, improving access to healthcare, and identifying life changing treatments in the industry. Are you positioned to rival industry leaders with new, innovative technologies and cutting-edge, automated instrumentation? 

Don’t miss the keynote sessions on Why Accurate Diagnosis is Fundamental to Healthcare and download the brochures to make the most of your time at the event.

Be sure to stop by booth # 522 to find out more about KMC Systems’ experience in Molecular Diagnostics and download our brochure to get a glimpse into the depth and breadth of our proven engineering, design and manufacturing expertise. See you at TRI-CON 2016! 

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