Medical Design Briefs, Inside Story: Outsourcing Instrument Engineering and Manufacturing

MDB_Inside_Story-_KMCSystems-BobSilvaKMC Systems has developed sophisticated, multidisciplinary product development processes to help their customers achieve market success. Medical Design Briefs spoke with Robert Silva, director of engineering at KMC Systems, to learn more about KMC’s capabilities and the pros and cons of customization versus plug-and-play solutions.

Among the Q & A, MDB asks Silva: 

  1. When outsourcing the development of a new medical device or diagnostic, how early should OEM product developers begin working with their outsourcing partner  and why?
  2. How does KMC work with medical product developers to meet design and manufacturing challenges for new devices and diagnostic systems?
  3. Technologies are continually changing and advancing. Among the products in KMC's portfolio from the past decade, what design and technology advances do you consider most challenging and important?
  4. In addition to changes in technology, market and customer needs are also continually evolving. How does KMC Systems remain responsive to such changes?
  5. What kinds of concerns do the developers of new medical products typically ask about? What do they not ask about  but ought to?

 To read the complete interview and Bob Silva’s answers, click here. 

 To learn more about KMC Systems’ expertise in the development, design and manufacture of groundbreaking medical instrumentation, download our brochure. 

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Topics: medical device development, medical manufacturing