KMC's Rigorous Supply Chain Process Vets the Best Medical Device Suppliers

Effecting patient outcome is the foundation of KMC Systems' strategy in designing and manufacturing groundbreaking medical instrumentation for our customers.  Creating a significant medical device that fulfills OEM expectations and benefits the clinician is no small feat. Developing and manufacturing medical instrumentation that ultimately improves patient outcome is ideal. There are many aspects that positively effect total product life cycle management of a medical instrument, and one of the key factors from the start is sourcing a reliable, compliant and cost-effective supply chain.


Being a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems of America, KMC Systems leverages a world-class medical device supplier base, and enforces a rigorous list of requirements, which gives our customers the competitive advantage in many ways.

Working with the Quality Assurance Department, KMC's buyers/planners are continually updating the supplier requirements and the Approved Suppliers List.

In order to become an approved supplier, these are a few of the initial steps that are required:

  1. First, fill out the supplier survey which will assess your qualifications for providing acceptable products/services to KMC Systems.
  2. Next, a quality systems audit is performed of a prospective supplier's business practices, processes, pricing and services.

Once a business becomes an approved supplier, the service commitment will be continually revisited and evaluated to ensure ongoing, superior quality. Repetitive use of suppliers is based on consistent and reliable delivery performance, quality, price competitiveness and best value.

Tips for ensuring longterm supplier success:

  1. Quality-compliance and on-time delivery of requested products and services.
  2. Conformance to purchase order/drawing requirements.
  3. Comparison of total piece parts received to the piece parts accepted.
  4. Reliability of a supplier's promised date (versus the actual delivery date). 

KMC upholds these values very strongly as on-time delivery, promised goods and price have a direct impact on the successful development, compliance and commercialization of medical instrumentation. Substandard quality or poor delivery performance, for example, are unacceptable and will result in removal from KMC Systems' Approved Supplier List.

To support the approval process, KMC Systems has created specific quality-related documents focused on the supplier approval and management process.  View them here.

A few industry-related resources and articles to help you stay informed on key best practices in supply chain management can be found here:

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Download KMC Systems' Quality Assurance Tip Sheet below: 

KMC Quality Assurance Tip Sheet

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