ASM2015: Improving Patient Outcome Through Rapid Identification

Timely diagnostics can be the deciding factor between finding the cause of illness, and determinging a cure. More and more companies are talking about rapid identification of bacterial contaminations.  Where is the market going, and where does your company stand?


This will be a hot topic of discussion at ASM2015, the 115th meeting for American Society of Microbiology which starts May 30th in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

One presentation to take note of is: Blood Culture Fast Results for Improved Patient Outcomes Through Lab Efficiency Improvement.  In this presentation, septicaemia is highlighted as disease-causing bacteria in blood.  Without prompt medical treatment, septicaemia can be fatal.  Diagnostic measures are taken into account, to help combat this epidemic.

In the discussion It’s All about Timing - How Process Improvement Deceases TAT new techniques are explored to achieve quicker results which play a critical role in clinician treatment decisions.

KMC Systems will be in New Orleans for ASM 2015.  Join the discussion, lets meet at KMC booth #470. We'd like to hear your take, and discuss what KMC is doing to help leading and emerging OEMs to develop, design and manufacture instruments that enhance rapid identification.

To learn more about other innovative sessions at ASM 2015, click here.  

Join the discussion on Twitter with #asm2015 and follow @KMCSystems and @ASMicrobiology.


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