At the Hub of Innovation; Alumni of UMass Lowell Take a Look at KMC Systems

KMCsystems_EmployeesInnovation is all around us. Breakthroughs are made every day.  It certainly makes for an exciting time to be a New Englander in the medical engineering industry.  With some of the best medical centers in the country right in our backyard, KMC Systems is in a prime position for career-advancing opportunities. 

One particularly inspiring development occurred in 2007 when UMass Lowell opened M2D2, a Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center. M2D2 is a source through which world class researchers and medical device resources connect. Recently, UMass Lowell opened the iHub, an innovation hub focused on expanding their medical device development center. An online article by Beta Boston states, "locating the iHub and M2D2 in the same building is part of UMass Lowell’s plans to brand the area as an Innovation Zone in Lowell." 

Right down the street from UMass Lowell, is KMC Systems in Merrimack, NH where innovations are constantly in the works.  KMC Systems is an engineering services and contract manufacturing firm specializing in developing, designing and manufacturing ground-breaking instrumentation for leading and emerging companies in the medical and life science markets. In fact, many of KMC's employees are alumni of UMass Lowell.  KMC Systems currently employs UMass Lowell alumni in a wide range of positions from engineering and program management to human resources, marketing and finance. 

In 2010, Hugh Lippincott, an engineer at KMC Systems, received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Biomaterials from UMass Lowell. Hugh states of his experience at UMass, "through that work I have a much deeper understanding of the diagnostic materials handling that KMC supports with it's diagnostic instruments."

Mark Gagne, a UMass Lowell graduate and Program Manager at KMC Systems shares his insight into what it's like to work for such an innovative company: "As a graduate of the University of Lowell College of Electrical Engineering, I personally suggest that you consider KMC Systems, Inc. as an organization in which to start your career. As a leading provider of engineering OEM design services to major corporations in the medical industry, we have an exciting environment where our engineers greatly enjoy working. We typically have several concurrent and very diverse development projects underway which require software, mechanical, electrical and systems engineering education and backgrounds. Check out our website at to get an idea of the products we develop and the way we partner with our customers to help improve patient care. Some examples of products that I personally have been involved in developing are, a surgical LASER, a home dialysis instrument, several invitro diagnostic instruments and a DNA extraction and purification instrument. There are also many more projects underway in our organization that I am exposed to. The depth and breadth of the technologies and projects developed at KMC have kept me engaged in exciting work for twenty years. If you would enjoy working in a fast-paced, technically diverse, exciting organization, developing state-of-the-art technologies to improve the health and wellbeing of your communities, consider KMC Systems as the place to launch your career."

Whether you are from UMass Lowell, or another college or engineering program, you may want to take a look at KMC's career page.  Would you like to join a team of brilliant and dedicated professionals who develop and manufacture instrumentation for the medical and life science markets? Start exploring KMC today.

If you'd like to read more insight from KMC Systems professionals, and our partners, check out the IVD white paper. 


KMC IVD Development White Paper

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