Take It To The Top: A day of rest

Today, we received the following message, sent at 8:11 a.m., from our Take It To The Top VICE Expedition team: 

Fourth day at Ala-Archa. Attempted 4400m peak yesterday. Rest day today. Tomorrow we try for peak Korona at 4800m.

Here's their progress since yesterday's post:

Take It To The Top progress through Ala-Archa National Park.

Google Earth image of Korona Peak.In the above image, the green line on the left is where the team left off yesterday, and the red line shows the path they've traveled since then. The blue markers show where the tracking device pings their location. The last marker, on the top right, shows where they're resting for the day before tomorrow's Korona attempt.

They began in Ala-Archa at 2354m (7,723.1 ft), and have reached a total altitude of 3,934.22m (12,907.55 ft). After climbing 5,184.45 feet up rock and ice in three days, it's no wonder the team needs a recovery day. And, with the journay ahead, they need to rest up.

An Ala-Archa map shows the team has probably set up camp at a hut at the base of the Ak-Sai Glacier, which would be on their right as they're traveling up.

Straight ahead of the team's camp is Pk Korona. The mountaineers will have to traverse Korona Glacier, the snow-and-ice-covered area before the peak, to summit the mountain.

If you have Google Earth, or want to download it, you can check out their progress here!

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