New President Ron Jellison grows medical device manufacturing at KMC

KMC Systems President Ron Jellison KMC Systems President
Ron Jellison

Although we have a new president, he may not be new to you - and he's definitely not new to us!

Ron Jellison has been with KMC Systems for nine years as Director of Business Development, securing new medical device contract manufacturing customers and growing existing customer relationships. As sales and marketing master, president is a natural transition in order to expand company growth.

Pat McNallen passed the presidential torch to Ron on July 1. Pat joined KMC Systems in 1988 and continues to work with KMC parent company Elbit Systems of America.

Less than two weeks into his new gig, Ron's already putting expansion plans in motion.

"I see so many great opportunities ahead for KMC in this rapidly changing market. We will continue to leverage our 30 years of experience and are looking to continue to focus our attention in areas of rapid product development, technology development and expansion into adjacent markets."

With KMC Systems continually providing innovative solutions that protect and save lives, Ron says it's an exciting time to be in the medical device industry.

"We are known for our depth of experience and services for the contract development and manufacturing of IVD instrumentation. At AACC, there are a number of our customers’ instrument platforms on display that demonstrates KMC’s ability to turn smart ideas into brilliant reality."

Swing by booth #2304 at the AACC Annual Meeting to see some of that innovative medical device technology in action. You can also schedule a meeting with KMC at the expo.

Ron points out that KMC Systems has become one of the leading medical equipment manufacturers, achieving high customer satisfaction and year-after-year revenue growth, through such strategies as rapid product development, forward-thinking investments, off-the-shelf technologies and increasing disposable design capabilities.

Off-the-shelf medical device technologies can be integrated into medical programs with precision and speed. "These technologies ultimately benefit our customers with reduced development times and costs, and lower manufacturing costs," Ron said, "In other areas such as optics, microfluidics and sensors we will look for companies that want to partner with KMC so that we can continue to provide innovation to our customers."

KMC has also implemented discreet event simulation, "allowing our systems engineers to explore various concept architectures’ ability to meet product requirements. This provides our OEM customers with a high degree of confidence in how system variables affect product performance" Ron said, "This ultimately saves time and costs in development and minimizes design risks early on in the process."

Ron says the emergence of point-of-care (POC) instrumentation is driving the need for more focus on the relationship of instrumentation to the disposable or consumable. "We are seeing more complex cartridge-based systems that are moving instrument functionalities to a single-test, single-result disposable."

Ron is confident in KMC's continued advancement, saying, "I am pleased to have been part of this growth for the past 9 years as head of business development, and I am excited about leading the company as we increase service capabilities and enter into new markets."

For more information about KMC Systems' medical device development, design, manufacturing and support program, download the KMC360® Brochure.

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