Take It To The Top: Onward to Ala-Archa

Jeff Longcor arrives in Bishkek today and helps the team prepare the expedition. Today, the team moves on to Ala-Archa, where they'll spend the night before starting acclimatization hikes.

We received the message, "We're having a great time & arrived at a new location! Thanks for following our progress & supporting our trip!"

Google Earth map: the Take It To The Top VICE team travels to Ala-Archa
The expedition team travels to Ala-Archa National Park, about 40km south of Bishkek.
Google Earth rendering of Ala-Archa National Park mountains
Google Earth rendering of the Ala-Archa mountains.

Before attempting Point 5318, the team will wisely spend a few days climbing in Ala-Archa National Park to get accustomed to their new environment.

Austin said the acclimatization is more for their health than for technical preparation, such as measuring distances.

Getting used to the altitude and climate will prevent the team from experiencing headaches, light-headedness, difficulty breathing or other symptoms associated with altitude sickness.

The team's first climb in Ala-Archa will be an ascent to a metal hut, mentioned here in Sari Nevala's climbing blog (also check it out for the great photos!)

If you have Google Earth, or want to download it, you can check out their progress here!

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