See Austin Lines Take It To The Top of an unsummited mountain

We're tracking KMC Systems Mechanical Engineer and mountaineer Austin Lines' Take It To The Top VICE Expedition to the "Forbidden Mountains" of Kyrgyzstan.

The VICE team's main objective is to reach the peak of the unsummited Point 5318 mountain before exploring surrounding mountain ranges.

You can follow the entire expedition on the Google Earch module below. You have to zoom in on Kyrgyzstan and find Jeff Longcor's name.

Not only will you be able to see Austin's progress on the map, but he'll be sending updates that we'll share with you on the blog!

Stay tuned!

Take It To The Top: Medical Manufacturing and Mountaineering

KMC Systems medical device contract design, manufacturing and support engineers Take It To The Top - of medical engineering and mountains! As Mechanical Engineer Austin Lines takes it to the top of an unsummited mountain, his fellow engineers take your medical device to the top of ISO 13485 and FDA medical equipment standards while saving you time and money through our KMC360® program. For more information, download our KMC360® Brochure.

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