News: KMC's Walter Gilde is Presenting at Evolution of Advanced IVDs

KMC Systems will be exhibiting and presenting at Evolution of Advanced IVDs in San Diego, California from September 19th-20th. Join Walter Gilde, Business Development Manager, KMC Systems, during lunch on Tuesday September 19 for his presentation on Simulation Reduces Risk Earlier in IVD Instrument Development Programs. 

IVD instrument development programs carry degrees of risks depending on marketing requirements, business value proposition and/or technology maturity. Utilizing an early reliable risk assessment tool is vital to the success of an IVD instrument development program.

KMC SystemsConventional planning processes and tools do not provide sufficient depth of analysis to elucidate all marketing requirements or sufficient insight to discover underlying design shortcomings in proposed concepts. Ideally, one would identify an optimal concept by making early informed feature/function trade-offs.

Early simulation has proven effective in exposing concealed requirements, design conflicts, and technical risks. Simulation provides a platform to resolve these issues, revise the concepts, make informed tradeoffs before substantial development expenditures and capital commitments are made. When marketing objectives are initially defined, and a concept of the instrument is completed, there lies an opportunity to apply simulation techniques to reduce the multifaceted risks to an IVD instrument development program. 


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