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Welcomed warm rays of sunshine  … tulip bulb sprouts emerging  … returning birds chirping … all obvious signs that spring is now upon us. 

Memories of a friends’ routine reminder about my need to prepare for the opening of fishing season was a familiar sign that spring was here again. I miss those friendly reminders.  Now with the obvious signs of spring, I am reminded of those times and the fish tales we both would tell.

I am intrigued by the analogies of fishing and inbound website marketing … how many hits did you get ? … do you have the right offerings (bait) ? … is your content (chum) attracting the right customer (fish) ? … are you fishing in the right stream ?

Now, my friend would have looked upon this analogy with concern for my sanity, and would have attempted to ground me with more appropriate discussions of the bait that would guarantee landing a “big one” on opening day.

We have just redesigned our website to provide new, relevant, and more attractive content. We’ll soon be adding more offerings to attract more customers.  We have attempted to craft and use our keywords in the appropriate places.  And, we hope that with all of our efforts that we’ll satisfy the search engine gods and see more traffic.  Let’s be honest, all in the interest of a bigger catch !

March 20th is just a little early for the opening of fishin’ season here in New Hampshire, however it is the first day of spring and the official launch date for our new website.  We would like to bring attention to this hopeful time of year and dedicate the rebirth of our website in memory of our beloved KMC friend Dick Burhoe.

….. we’ll land the “big one” for you, Dick.

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