KMC's at Next Generation DX Summit

KMC Systems will be attending the Next Generation DX Summit in Washington DC from August 23-25.

Not only can you stop by our booth, Booth #5, for any questions, but we will be presenting as well!

On Thursday August 25, Jack Kessler PhD., one of our Sr. Systems Engineers, will be presenting on how to reduce risk earlier in IVD instrument development programs. 


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As we all know there are varying degrees of risk within any IVD instrument development program. Using a reliable risk assessment tool can reduce risk early by:

  • Exposing concealed requirements, design conflicts, and technical risks.
  • Providing a platform to resolve issues, revise concepts, and make informed trade-offs.
  • Raising project issues before development and capital commitments are made.
  • Exposing conflicted marketing requirements.
  • Discovering design shortcomings allowing in future concept design optimization for subsequent development phases.

Using simulation between the business case analysis and the completion of the instrument concept can reduce multifaceted risks in an IVD instrument development program.

Visit us to hear more about reducing risks in product development, and our KMC360 suite of services for medical device design and development, manufacturing, and field support.

See you in DC!

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