Strategies for Rapid Medical Device Development

Rapid product development offers an inherent competitive advantage in the field of medical instruments. There are a number of different strategies that have been utilized in order to achieve results in a minimal amount of time with varying levels of success.KMC Medical Device Development

Over time, one thing has become clear. In order to streamline the entire process of developing medical instruments, a holistic approach is critical. In particular a holistic approach with focus on technologies, processes, healthcare management and people. Here is a closer look at some strategies for successful medical instrument rapid product development and how a holistic approach can address them.

  1. When the ultimate desire is speed, one strategy is to leverage appropriate off the shelf technologies that will not only reduce the amount of development time needed , but will also have the product features that meets the needs of the end user at a value perceived price point.

  2. The second strategy is to employ processes that provide a balanced quality system approach. If you attempt to bring a medical instrument to market and it doesn't comply with FDA or regulatory requirements then a rapid approach has no value. The key to meeting this requirement is by utilizing quality processes that are firm enough to meet any applicable regulatory requirement and standards, but also flexible enough to allow for the appropriate levels of control throughout each phase of development.

  3. The third leg of the stool is the resources that make it all happen. Today people from a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences and many times from different geographic locations are assembled to work collaboratively. Communication and the tools that facilitate good communication are vital to success. Product development team documentation and communication needs to  be integrated for efficiency and also provide an inherent structure for compliance with the required quality processes.

medical device developmentAll three of these components are vital to the successful rapid product development of medical instruments and more importantly, they must all work together cohesively.

Developing medical instruments is a complex process. If you are going to be competitive in bringing new products to the medical marketplace then paying attention to the holistic integration of technology, processes, and people will provide the opportunity to achieve the RAPID that everyone desires.


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