Analysis is an important part of rapid product development

Let's Talk About It!


What are you doing on March 7th and 8th ?

Hopefully you'll be taking advantage of the plethora of discussion topics and industry networking at the MedDevice Summit in Boston.

KMC Systems Inc. is a sponsor of MedDevice Summit and more importantly we are bringing some of our talented engineers to present as well.

We will be presenting and discussing two topics that will surely be of interest to you:

Simulation as a Tool in Feature/Function Tradeoffs for Medical Instrument Product Design

rapid product development analysis

  • Discuss Concept Architecture validation for a given set of features/functions
  • Hear about rational design concepts which reduce risk in product development costs and schedule
  • Ability to evaluate and optimize key marketing product features and yield a feasible Product Requirement Document


Adapting a Quality System to Include Usability

  • What's the Goal?
  • Why is Usability Important?
  • The Usability Engineering Process (UEP)
  • The Usability Engineering File (UEF)
  • Integration into a QMS
  • Planning
  • Execution/Interaction

It's not to late to join us and engage with the rest of your peers on these timely topics.

We hope to see you there !

Topics: Medical Product Design, rapid product development