GE Healthcare and KMC Systems Collaborate on Medical Innovation

GE Healthcare SPINlab hyperpolarized MRI medical innovationKnown for its innovative medical solutions, GE Healthcare has now developed a hyperpolarized metabolic imaging technology that allows researchers to view the metabolism of disease in real time.

Previously, treatment of a disease relied on examining only its anatomy via traditional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or a more cumbersome version of hyperpolarized MRI, which required a clean room, large amounts of helium and several operators. GE Healthcare’s SPINlabTM hyperpolarized MRI medical innovation means that you can more effectively treat a disease by observing its real-time metabolic changes.

“SPINlabTM is now the first high-throughput, fully-automated hyperpolarizer requiring minimal helium. It has an integrated fluid path, quality control system and simultaneously hyperpolarizes multiple samples of pyruvate or other compounds to produce imaging agents,” according to GE Introduces SPINlab™*, Enabling Scientists to see Real-Time Cell Activity.

GE Healthcare collaborated with researchers from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) on the first in vivo results of metabolic alterations in prostate tumors. Examining the real-time aggressiveness of prostate tumors will yield the optimal course for treatment. Tech Briefs Researchers discuss preparations for the molecular imaging technology study in this Tech Briefs video.

This MedGadget article highlights other studies that use GE’s hyperpolarized metabolic imaging innovation for medical solutions.

GE Healthcare launched Research Circle Technology Inc. (RCT) to facilitate collaboration between universities and GE’s scientists to develop medical innovations. RCT developed the SPINlabTM technology while KMC Systems developed, manufactured, integrated and tested the SPINlabTM platform.

Read more about this innovative medical technology in the Medical Design Briefs article Hyperpolarized Metabolic Imaging Visualizes ‘Real-Time’ Disease Progress.

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