Medical Innovation at KMC Systems: A Program Manager's Perspective

KMC Systems Program Manager Paul Dahlstrom shares his perspective on KMC's medical innovation through medical device design, development and manufacturing, which provides solutions that protect and save lives.

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  • his role at KMC,
  • why KMC Systems is a great place to work,
  • how we provide the best service to our customers, and
  • how our medical innovation protects and saves lives.

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Video Transcript:

My name is Paul Dahlstrom. I'm a program manager with KMC Systems. I've been with the company for about 24 years.

As a program manager, I get to spend most of my day communicating with team members within the company, team members from our customers' locations, and, generally, other third-party people who are working on programs with us.

My job is to ensure that the program is moving forward on schedule, on budget, and providing communication to all parties involved that things are progressing per plan.

Why work at KMC Systems?

I really enjoy working at KMC because of the variety of products that we work on.

I've gotten to work with various customers from California to Boston to Barcelona, and every one of those customers brings with them different technologies, different needs, different driving business factors that we strive to help make reality, essentially.

I've been very fortunate in that I have had fairly long relationships with my programs. Many of my programs I've been on for three or four years at a time, so I get to see them sort of from birth, or concept phase, through realization in a CAD fashion, into prototyping and into pilot production.

That's a very exciting area for any engineer to be involved with - to see all that happen in a spance of two, three, four years depending on the program.

How do you aid KMC Systems' mission to provide innovative medical solutions that protect and save lives?

KMC gets a variety of different customers in our customer base.

A lot of customers are well-established corporations looking for help. Other customers are startup companies that heavily rely on a company such as KMC to get it right the first time, where they don't have a lot of funding available to go off and try several different generations of a machine. So, to them, it's very important to do things right.

I recently came off of a fairly large-scale hematology system that is about to go into production. It is an innovative approach to doing CBCs [complete blood counts], and I think it is going to help the industry considerably in terms of providing better, more accurate results to physicians on patient diagnosis.

What medical innovations are you working on? Please share in the comments below.

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