ASM 2014 Post-Show Wrap-Up: ASM In Pictures

ASM 2014 BostonThe KMC Systems team had a blast at this year's American Society for Microbiology General Meeting - ASM 2014 to those of us who know and love it.

Here, we bring you the largest gathering of microbiologists ... in photographic form.

Let's kick off the show floor with our own KMC team at booth 541. We were a pretty busy bunch, so not all of us were in this shot, but, in order of their time at KMC, are Walter Gilde, Stacy Tuccolo and the newest addition to the KMC sales team Briana Sapienza.

KMC Systems ASM 2014 booth resized 600

After seeing this crew, we know you wanna join the KMC family, too, so check out our careers page!

Shortly after our arrival, it didn't take me and Stacy long to figure out where all the white cowboy hats were coming from. Thanks for the hats and great conversation, KeraFAST!

Tracy and Stacy at ASM 2014

With that important first order of business out of the way, it was time to scope out the rest of the ASM 2014 show floor.

Here are some of the medical-device titans we visited.


Roche ASM 2014 booth resized 600

Thermo Scientific:

Thermo Scientific ASM 2014 booth resized 600

biomerieux ASM 2014 booth resized 600


Hologic ASM 2014 booth resized 600


Siemens ASM 2014 booth resized 600


QIAGEN ASM 2014 booth resized 600

Next year, we trade Boston for the bayou as the ASM General Meeting moves to New Orleans.

ASM 2014 Boston convention centerASM 2014 Spirit of Boston

Thanks for a great show, everyone!

What did you think of ASM 2014? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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